Let’s make “Happy” trend


For some reason we live in an age where when in a social setting it is considered to be boasting or braggy – smug even – to be positive. To be joy-filled, happy and content with our lives. For some reason that’s become unacceptable? Why is it “not cool” to be happy? Not cool to […]



I’ve been doing life a little differently this week. I unplugged. And it was good. Last week was long and hard. I was tired and sick with flu. My boys were sick. I was unjustly short and impatient with them. I snapped at the baby when he knocked my phone out of my hand. I told Mason to […]

How being Hijacked has affected my life


I know this is a slightly heavy post – sorry about that. Ok, so I thought I was fine. I thought I was “lucky” – I didn’t get hurt / raped / killed and I got away with very little psychological damage after being hijacked in April. Why we count ourselves as lucky that we […]

I’m only 33 and I am going to be a granny!


Yes. You read that right. I AM GOING TO BE A GRANNY! My step son (who is 29) and his awesome girlfriend (who is a good friend of mine) are expecting their first baby. Squeeee. My grand baby. That sounds weird, right? Ha. I think it is AWESOME. We’ve known for about 2 months now […]

Twenty Five Questions

25 Questions

I saw this 25 Questions on Living on Cloud Nine and decided to join in. I’m happiest when I’m with my little family. My husband and my boys are my favourite people in the whole world. … especially if it involves laughing, cuddling, talking, learning, teaching… making memories. (Which is kinda everyday around here!) I’ve always wanted […]

“YOU are my favourite part!”


  Last night as I was getting the boys ready to leave our suite to go to bed in their room across the hall, I asked Mason if he had kissed his daddy goodnight. We do this long, drawn out routine every night: Have you finished your Horlicks? Have you been to the bathroom? and […]

12 Years…


12 years ago tonight, I was lying in a hospital bed. I was a little drugged. And a little scared. I was swollen, uncomfortable, excited and desperately anxious to meet my baby boy. I was only 21 years old and only 36 weeks pregnant. But my waters had broken and I was in early labour. […]

3 month Nigeria-versary

living in lagos

We have been Lagos living hotel dwellers for 3 months today. Actually it feels longer, maybe shorter? I’m not sure? We are at home here now. Comfortable. Happy. Content. And I don’t really miss home at all, I have almost everything I need here although I do I miss a few “things”. Here is a […]

Currently 3


I am joining in with two of my friends for this week’s Currently link up. Jenna from A Mama Collective, and Courtney from Onelyric. Two AMAZING momma’s who write with so much heart and real, raw, BEAUTIFUL honesty. I am lucky enough to be in a community group with these ladies (and a few other […]

Motherhood Monday


Some weeks just seem to zoom past at lightning speed in this often relentless rhythm of motherhood. Somehow it has been a whole week since my last post. We have been super busy with school work this last week and I’ve been doing a bit of research on a little project I am looking into. […]

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